Tongue Scraper - Stainless Steel

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The Brushd stainless steel tongue scraper is a great addition to your oral hygiene routine and will help keep your mouth and tongue in tip-top condition.

The scraper helps to gently remove the bacteria from your tongue which can build up and cause bad breath.  It's recommended you use after brushing  but can also be uses after every meal as bacteria will build up on your tongue with food and drink.

Made out of stainless steel it will last you a long time and is very easy to clean.  Not only is it plastic free but also Vegan Friendly.


Directions for use:

To use the tongue scraper effectively place the round end of the scraper on the back of the tongue and gently pull it forward then rinse or wipe the scraper immediately.  Repeat this process until the whole tongue has been scraped, each area may need one or two scrapes.

After each use washer the scraper and allow to dry between uses.

If you're using one for the first time it may be best to start scraping from the middle of the tongue first as you get use to it and gradually work backwards.  Always scrape from back to front.

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