Reusable Silicone Straws (6 pack)

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Plastic Straws are on their way out but we understand there's still a need for straws so why not add a bit of colour to your drinks with this pack of six premium, food-grade silicone straws.  Each pack also comes with a handy bag to carry them in as well as a straw cleaner.

There are two sizes to choose from, firstly the standard size as well as an extra wide straw which is ideal for smoothies.  The straws can easily be cut down if a smaller length is required.

The straws are made from 100% pure silicone, are non-toxic and do not contain plastic fillers (unfortunately some other brands of reusable straws still contain plastic).  The cleaning brush is is biodegradable with plant based, plastic-free bristles and the convenient bag is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and so doesn't not release micro-plastics when it's washed.  Vegan Friendly.

Wash the straws before first use. The straws are dishwasher friendly but handwashing is recommended with the use of the cleaning brush.


Standard straw: 24.5cm length 5mm inside diameter

Smoothie straw: 25cm length 9mm inside diameter

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