Reusable Menstrual Pads

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Periods are unavoidable however we can avoid the unnecessary plastic waste which periods contribute to.   They can also be expensive costing women £5-£10 a month on disposable products which over a life time can add up.  The good news is there are now lots of options for reusable products which are great for you, the environment and your pocket.  As well as reusable sanitary pads we also stock menstrual cups.

These reusable pads have been carefully selected for comfort and quality.  They have three specially designed layers and come in black to ensure discreetness.  The top layer is made from soft bamboo charcoal fibre to ensure dryness and comfort as well as odour control.  The middle layer is a microfibre to ensure maximum absorbency and dryness.  Finally the bottom layer is a waterproof PUL fabric to ensure there are no unwanted leaks.

The pads are available in three sizes for light, medium and heavy flow.



Light Flow Pad - Width 80mm. Length 190mm (Width with wings 185mm)

Medium Flow Pad - Width 80mm. Length 243mm (Width with wings 190mm)

Heavy Flow Pad - Width 120mm. Length 300mm (Width with wings 172mm)

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