Reusable Menstrual Liners - Heavy Flow

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Avoid plastic waste each month with these absorbent, reusable pads from Cherriful which are designed with a heavy flow in mind. They are also suitable for new mums.

The reusable pads are made of four layers designed for comfort and quality.  The top layer is made of bamboo terry fleece which is very absorbent to avoid leaks and soft to ensure it's comfortable.   The two middle layers are made of bamboo lining which is highly absorbent to collect any liquid as well as trapping odours and the bottom colourful layer is waterproof to avoid any leaks. 

The pads are ideal for heavy flow and are suitable to wear at night.  They are longer than the standard pads to ensure there are no leaks.  When they have been used they can be easily folded until your ready to wash them.  

The pads should be rinsed before machine washing at up to 40C degrees.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener as this may damage the waterproof layer.



When used: Width between 6 and 11cm. Length 29cm

When fully open: Width with wings 17cm. Length 29cm.


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