Rainbow Silicone Straws (6 pack)

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The Silicone Straw Company is a UK based company which makes . . . silicone straws!

Since plastic straws were banned these provide a great alternative for anyone still wanting or needing straws in their lives.  Each pack contains six brightly coloured straws as well as a cleaning brush.

A lot of eco-friendly straws are made abroad but these are designed and made in the UK which massively reduces their carbon footprint.  They are easy to clean with the brush and are also dishwasher safe.  They are BPA free, food safe and FDA approved as well as being Vegan Friendly.  They are also child friendly and can withstand a bit of chewing!

Heart tin's are the perfect way to carry a straw when you're on the move.  They will keep your straw clean and will easily fit in a bag or lunch box.  The tins are available in rose gold or silver.  Alternatively why not get a canvas pouch which is big enough for all straws and the cleaner. 

Smoothie straws are also available.

The straw measure 20.5cm in length but can easily be given the snip if you want a shorter one (or even two shorter ones if you snip it in half!).

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