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LastSwab will be the last swab you'll ever need.  Designed (and tested) to replace up to 1,000 cotton buds it's a great eco-friendly alternative.  Not only do they do cotton bud replacements they also do a beauty bud with a different tip design.

Each year billions of cotton buds are produced and whilst plastic ones are now banned in the UK the production of buds still requires a lot or resources to manufacture.  By using a LastSwab you are helping to save potentially millions of cotton buds.

Each bud comes in it's own case to help protect it and keep it clean.  One of the tips is pointed and the other has a more traditional round end for all your beauty needs.  They are easy to clean between uses wash with soap and warm water as well as useing eyemake up remover for any marks on the tip.  F, for more sanitation  .  They can be used for anything you would use cotton buds for but they are not heat resistant and should not be used with solvents such as nail polish remover.

LastSwab is the brainchild of three eco-friendly Danish designers who's core values include sustainability, design and quality.  They were the first people to design a reusable bud and whilst there may be cheaper imitations available it's doubtful that they will last as long. 

The tips of the bud have a bumpy surface to help easily collect dirt and are made from TPE which is an eco-friendly material with a foamy feel to it.  The rod is made from a little bit of plastic with some reinforced glass fibre.  Whilst there is some plastic here the benefits of an item that is reusable up to 1,000 times outweighs the disadvantage if disposed of responsibly.

The sturdy little case is great for protecting your bud, especially for travel when everything seems to find its way to the bottom of your washbag!  They are made from either plant based material (PLA) or recycled ocean plastic collected as part of the RESEA Project.


The suppliers have selected their manufacturers carefully and any non-EU manufactures of the product carry SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) Certificates.


Case: 11cm x 1.4cm x 1.8cm

Swab: 7.5cm

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