Foldable Steriliser for Menstrual Cups

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The Cherriful Sterilising Cup is a must have for anyone who uses Period Cups.

It folds away so doesn't take up too much space in your bag if you're out and about and is designed to fit all cup sizes.  You can use the foldable cup between periods to sterilise your menstrual cup.  It's also allows you to discreetly rinse your cup between uses when  using public toilets.

Sterilising your menstrual cup

It is important to sterilise your menstrual cup between uses and this cup allows you to do it in two ways. 

Microwave - place your menstrual cup in the steriliser, fill with water, place the lid on and microwave for 3 to 5 minutes.  Ensure the water has boiled.  Carefully remove from the microwave, discard the water and allow to cool and dry.

Sterilising solution - add a silicon safe steriliser to the foldable cup, pour in water and ensure your menstrual cup is covered.  Rinse and allow to dry.  If you are using a sterilising solution follow the instructions on the box carefully and ensure it is safe to use with silicon.  You can add either boiling water or cold water to the steriliser depending on the requirements of the solution.

The cup is made out of durable silicon which is microwave safe.


Hilly's view:

This is a great partner to my OrganiCup for use at both home and when I'm out an about.  It folds down so is compact enough for most handbags and super handy to use discreetly when needed.    



When folded: 8.5cm diameter x 2cm height

When open: 8.5cm diameter x 8.5cm height

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