EcoCoconut Dish Brush

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 The EcoCoconut dish brush is a sustainable cleaning brush, which will help make your dishes sparkle.   It's highly durable and is a great addition to any kitchen.

The bristles are made with sustainably farmed coconut husks whilst the handle is made from FSC certified wood.   

The natural bristles are tough enough to help cut through grease and grime but are gentle enough to be non-scratch.  They can even be used on non-stick pans and glass wear. 


Product features:

  • Non scratch - suitable for non-stick pans
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural antibacterial properties
  • Vegan Friendly

As the product is made from100% natural materials it will easily biodegrade at the end of it's life.


Hilly's view:

I was already a huge fan of the EcoCoconut Scourers so these were an obvious go-to for me.  The bristles are great for cleaning all my pots and pans whilst the handle is nice and sturdy. The head is slightly curved too to help get into all the awkward places.


Approx 24.5cm x 5cm

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