Compostable Poo Bags - Mini (80 bags)

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The Fetch It Mini poo bags have been made with the small pooch in mind.

There are lots of poo bags on the market which are biodegradable but unfortunately some are still made from plastic and as they degrade over time (sometimes years) they leak micro-plastics into the environment.  They'll still be around long after the contents of the bag has disappeared. 

The Fetch It bags are strong, durable and thick to ensure no leaks or nasty surprises.  Each bag is a flat sealed at the base for maximum volume in minimum space. They are unscented and Vegan friendly too.  One box has 4 rolls of 20 bags (80 bags in total).  If you prefer a large size we also stock bigger poo bags with or without a handle.

The bags are Earth friendly and made out of GM free cornstarch.  That means that they will degrade into non-toxic natural plant products in a matter of weeks.  But don't take my word for it, some very clever scientists have spent a lot of time testing the compostability of these.  They are so happy with the results that they've certified them to the highest European Standard for compostability - EN13432 and OK Home Compost.

The box itself is made from recycled cardboard which is 100% recyclable.

Each bag measures approx 18cm x 25cm (7" x 10").  


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