Cherriful Menstrual Cup

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Cherriful Menstrual Cups are another game changer as far as periods are concerned. 

They offer a safe, reliable, sustainable alternative to other menstrual products.  They are also a big cost saver.  

Whilst there is a cost initially when purchasing a menstrual cup this will pay for itself in a matter of months and will last you for years.  Each cup comes with it's own cotton pouch for storage and there is also the option to buy a foldable steriliser cup which can also be used for storage and is great way to sterilise your cup between periods.  

The cup is made from 100% soft medical grade silicone which is both non-irritating and hypoallergenic.  It is designed to fit securely and stop leaks and odour.  The cup can be worn safely for up to twelve hours at a time but should be changed every four to ten hours.  It holds the equivalent of three tampons.  Unlike tampons they collect fluids as opposed to absorbing them so will avoid any irritation and dryness.

Once fitted correctly you shouldn't be able to feel it and it can be used during all sporting activities including swimming.


Do not use menstrual cups if you have ever suffered from TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).  Check with your doctor or gynaecologist before using it if you have any gynaecological issues or if you plan on using it with an IUS/IUD.



Size Guide

Size Small (20ml) - 42mm diameter -  Suitable for women under 30  and who have not given birth vaginally.

Size Large (25ml) - 47mm diameter - Suitable for women over 30 or who have given birth vaginally.

Please note the small cup may be more suitable if you have a lower cervix. 



Cup - 100% medical grade silicone

Bag - 100  cotton



Each box contains full instructions on how to use the cup but there are some guidelines here: 

Before first use ensure the cup is sterilised.  This can be done my placing the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

When using WASH your hands thoroughly and ensure the cup is clean.  Fold the cup for easy insertion and relax.   It can help if you're squatting or sitting, also if the cup is wet it can make insertion easier.  Once inserted the cup will revert to its normal shape and create a light suction to stay in place.  

To remove the cup wash your hands thoroughly and relax.  Press the base of the cup to help break the seal of the cup.  Using the step gently remove, you may need to squeeze the base of the cup and slowly pull it out.

Empty the cup safely and wash before re-inserting.  If your period has finished ensure it is sterilised, dried and stored before your next period.



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