Bamboo Double Edge Safety Razor

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Switching to a double edge safety razor is a great way to reduce your use of single use plastic.  These sustainable razors are suitable for both men and women to use on your face, legs or anywhere you choose to shave.

The handle is made from an individual stem of sustainable bamboo making each razor unique.  Whilst the metal parts are high quality stainless steel which is recyclable at the end of life.  Each razor comes with a stainless steel, double edge blade which can also be recycled with care. Even the box it comes in is recyclable making this a great zero waste product.

The razors are made from high quality materials and are designed to last a life time.  The long handle is great to ensure an easy shave, plus the natural handle allows a good grip making it ideal for use both over the sink or in the shower.

The razors are supplied by Bambaw which adheres to a CO2 neutral supply chain.

To purchase a razor you must be 18 or over.  By making this purchase you are confirming you are at least 18 years of age.



Total length 11.5cm, handle length 10.5cm.  Weight 85g

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