Bamboo Cutlery

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It’s picnic time and these sustainable cutlery sets are ideal for any hamper.  They’re also a great option for all those “at the desk” lunches to avoid the disposal plastic cutlery which unfortunately comes as standard.  

They’re easy to clean, strong and durable so will last a long time.

Why not couple a set with a vegan friendly cotton canvas bag.  The bags are made out of sustainable cotton with a draw string pouch.  They're durable and easy to clean.  Each bag is big enough to comfortably fit a set of cutlery as well as a reusable straw and straw cleaner.

Bamboo is one of the fast growing materials and is a great sustainable option which can be composted or biodegradable at the end of life.  The cutlery is made from high quality organic bamboo and is vegan friendly. 


Each item of cutlery is 20cm long. 

The canvas bag is 25.5cm x 7.2cm,

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