About me

Hi, I'm Hilly and I hate plastic.
As well as being the CEO and Tea Girl Extraordinaire of Switch and Ditch I am also a freelance sailing instructor.  Trust me this is not as glamorous as it sounds!!  I was lucky enough to grow up on the beautiful North Yorkshire Coast and now reside on the south coast of England.  As such the sea has always been close to my heart and this is one of the many reasons I started Switch and Ditch.
In 2018 I decided to have a look around my bathroom and was horrified at just how much single use plastic I was using.  It's in EVERYTHING.  I decided  enough was enough and started making small, but permanent changes to the products I was using with REALISTIC alternatives.  
During the "trials" I suffered my fair share of bad hair days, received more than enough nicks when transitioning to a safety razor and had a few less than pleasant moments when it came to the dreaded womb monsters.  But I persisted.  I shared my findings with friends and family and got some great support as well as top tips for other changes.  This got me thinking about how I could make more of a difference and so Switch and Ditch was born.
I try to personally test all of the products on this site and will only sell ones that I'm happy to use myself (there are the odd exceptions like beard oil but my very supportive fella helps out there).  I love the stuff I stock so much that my house is starting to look like a Switch and Ditch show room. 
I've done my best to ensure everything is plastic free before it reaches Switch and Ditch's headquarters and of course I don't use any plastic in of my packaging.  If things can be more eco-friendly than just plastic free then that's an absolute bonus too and so my range includes a lot of  vegan friendly products as well as items that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. 
Since opening the shop I've eliminated single use plastic from my bathroom and I've been looking it in other areas of the house.  I'm always on the search for new ideas and as I find good plastic free options I will bring more tried and tested realistic alternatives to Switch and Ditch.
I'm doing my best and will no doubt make mistakes on the way.  But if you do have any questions or concerns about anything I stock or about Switch and Ditch in general please get in touch and I'll look into it.  I also always appreciate any feedback and suggestions.  If there's something you want to see in the shop let me know and I'll see what I can do.  Let's do this together.