Simple Living Laundry Detergent Sheets

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**31 August 2021 - We're currently out of stock of the Fragrance Laundry Sheets by Simple Living and will be stocking them as soon as the suppliers have them.  

There's plenty of the Fragrance Free ones in stock or if your prefer a fragrance option you can try the new Eco Laundry Club Fragrance Sheets which work in the same way.


The wonderful people at Simple Living have created a great plastic free, eco-friendly way of doing the washing.  Gone are the days of wasteful plastic containers and harsh chemicals.  What's even better it will only cost you around 20p per wash which is cheaper than the branded pods.  The sheets are available as Fragrance or Non Fragrance and come in either a box of 60 or a sample pack of 10 (Fragrance Free only).

Simply put one sheet in the machine and wash as normal (or two sheets for heavier loads).  The sheets will dissolve in cold water as well as warm and does not leave any nasty residue on your laundry.  They are also suitable for handwashing making them great for travel too.

Each sheet is made out of all natural ingredients.  There are no chemicals thus making them suitable for sensitive skin including babies.  

As well as being plastic free they are also free from palm oil.  They are not tested on animals making them cruelty free and Vegan friendly.  The cardboard box they come in is 100% recyclable and the sheets are biodegradable.

As with all with other detergents tough stains may need a pre-treatment before being washed.  Please store the sheets in a cool dry place.  Keep out of reach of children.


Coconut oil alcohol, natural vegetable oil, coconut extract and deionized water.

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