Loofah - Cleaning and Washing Up Pad

Loofah - Cleaning and Washing Up Pad

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Loofahs are a great, sustainable, natural product that are ideal for cleaning all around the house.

Called the washing-up pad it's no surprise that it's perfect for your dishes.  It's soft enough to use on your non-stick items and tough enough to remove more stubborn bits such as burnt on food.  Once wet it softens and expands so is perfect for washing inside mugs and glasses.

The pad can also be used for generally cleaning around the household wherever you need a bit of scrubbing power such as the bathroom, sinks and work surfaces.  It is of course recommended that you use separate pads for washing up and general cleaning.

Once wet the loofah will expand and soften.  It is recommended that the loofah is allowed to dry between uses and each loofah has a cotton string attached so it can be easily hung to allow this.  To keep the pads clean they can be machine or hand washed periodically.

Loofahs are a natural material and as such will vary in size.  They are very durable and will last a long time but once finished with they are naturally biodegradable and can be easily composted.  Plastic free and Vegan Friendly.



Approx 14cm x 8cm

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