Happy Husks Scrub Sponge

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The fabulous people at Happy Husk have combined their eco-friendly sponges with their eco-friendly scouring pads to come up with the scrub sponge.

The scrub sponge is a great alternative to those green and yellow ones we've all seen and used.  The sponge side is made in the UK from cellulose sponge which comes from renewable wood pulp whilst the scouring side is made from coconut fibres bonded with natural latex.  They've done a lot of research into their product and discovered similar products are blended with polyester and as a result are not compostable.  But the Happy Husk guys won't stand for that and use ethically sourced coconut fibres (coir) bonded with natural latex.  The two parts are then stitched together with cotton and avoid the need for synthetic glue. 

The scrub sponges are strong enough to use around the house but gentle on surfaces and won't scratch.

Another thing which puts the Happy in Happy Husk is that the scouring pads are made by a small group of women in India providing income, safety and security to them after being shunned by their families.

Once the sponges reach the end of life they can be chopped up and composted at home.  The are 100% plastic free, biodegradable and compostable.




Each scrub sponge measures 10cm x 7.5cm x 1.6cm and there will be two scouring sponges in each pack.


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