Beeswax Wraps Refresher Bar

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Is your beeswax wrap getting a bit tired or have you accidently washed it with hot water?  Well don't panic, these bars will refresh and replenish your wraps in no time.  They will help revitalise that perfect self-sealing finish to make your wraps last even longer.

The bars are locally handmade from a blend of all natural ingredients which are sustainably sourced from Dartmoor National Park.  The boxes are lovingly hand made from recycled cardboard.

One bar is enough to replenish three large wraps or four medium wraps or five small wraps.

Simply place your wraps on grease proof paper, grate the bar over the wrap and place in the over for 2 minutes at 140C.  Once melted use a paintbrush to distribute the wax and allow to cool before use.  Please note it is normal for some wax residue to be left on the brush.

It's recommended that the bar is cold before grating, it's safe to put it in the fridge a few hours before use.  


Each bar weighs 15g

Size:  Approximately 4cm diameter x 2cm


British beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin.


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