EcoBumble Hair Ties (5-pack)

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Anyone with long hair will appreciate the importance of a hair band!!  But did you appreciate how unfriendly they can be?

EcoBumble hair ties are strong, really strong.  In fact I was surprised at how strong they actually are.  I have long hair and when I go running these hair ties stay in place whilst I'm jumping around.  They don't pull my hair when I take them out and my favourite thing about them is that they're environmentally friendly.

They are available in packs of 5 in either white or black.

Traditional hair ties are made out of synthetic rubber using petrochemicals.  They can't be recycled, they take ages to degrade and may well end up in landfill.  Once discarded they are a potentially deadly hazard to wildlife too.  If you are discarding old ones make sure they are chopped so they can't get caught around something.

The EcoBumble ties on the other hand are hand made using only two materials.  The outer is from certified organic cotton and the stretch comes from natural rubber which is sourced from sustainable crops.

Even the packaging is eco friendly made from recycled and recyclable card and printed with eco friendly ink.

They are all hand made in Manchester.



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