Brushd - Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads - Oral-B Compatible

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Brushd recyclable toothbrush heads are a great alternative to your regular electric toothbrush head.  They are available for both Oral-B and Philips Sonicare models*.

Whilst the heads are plastic they are made from a combination of recycled and virgin plastic.  The best thing about Brushd toothbrush heads is that every packet contains a pre-paid envelope so you can return your brushes along with their covers and even the box they came in safe in the knowledge they can all be correctly recycled.  

In fact I won't let you buy these unless you do a pinky promise to post back your used brush heads.

The toothbrush heads come in packs of two or four with a choice of either standard bristles or charcoal bristles.  The charcoal bristles have the added benefit of inhibiting bacterial growth on the brush itself.  That's definitely something else to smile about.

If you find yourself with some spare pre-paid bags these can be reused and once finished with can be home composted.  

Currently we recommend returning all packaging to Brushd for recycling however they are currently working on reengineering their boxes so they can be safely home composted.

It is recommended that we change our toothbrush every three months and with a UK population of over 65 million that's staggering 260 million toothbrushes finding their way to the bin every year.  


*Please note Oral-B and Philips Sonicare are not affiliated with Brushd.

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