Safety Razors - Do They Really Cut It

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Here in the UK we literally throw away millions of disposable razors every year. As with the lots of other single use items these are destined for landfill or will be incinerated. Neither option is good for the environment.

Disposable razors are invariably made from plastic and due to their nature will only be used a handful of times however they can take 100's of years to decompose whilst also shedding tiny microplastics into the environment.

Enter stage right..... The Safety Razor

So if you've not done it already maybe now is the time to ditch the disposables and switch to a safety razor.

All razors at Switch and Ditch are unisex and suitable for wherever you want to shave be it your face, legs, underarms or cheeky bits!

With several options to choose from you're bound to find one you love. I love my rose gold metal one with it's handy stand.


The Bamboo Handle blades are made from sustainably source bamboo with a metal head. They are weighted to allow the blade to glide as opposed to dragging across your skin.

The soft handle will fit comfortably in your hand and allows you to hold onto it without it slipping.


The metal razors come in a choice of three colours, Silver, Rose Gold and Black with the option of a matching stand.

The handles are carefully designed with raised edges to provide a good grip, especially when you'll probably have soapy hands. They also have a weighted head for a smooth shave.



The only disposable part of a safety razor is the double edged blade and it's recommended you change these regularly. How often is down to you and the thickness of your hair but it's recommended you should change them after 5-10 uses.


To help avoid nasty nicks and cuts I always use a shaving bar. The Friendly Soap shaving bars create a wonderful velvety foam which helps the blades glide not drag, even over my nobbly knees!


The shaving brush is another great accessory when it comes to shaving. Not only does it help foam up the bar but the bristles exfoliate my skin giving me a super smooth shave.

So if you want the close shave, in a good way, why not invest in a safety razor. You won't regret it and it'll save you money in the long run.

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