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Ocean Saver - Supplier Spotlight

Since I started stocking Ocean Saver's EcoDrops they've been a popular choice and it's not hard to see why.

But what are they and what's it all about?


EcoDrops are the little pods/sachets made by Ocean Saver which help minimise the use of plastic used in your everyday household cleaning.

By simply adding the pod to water you get a range of cleaning products such as Bathroom, Kitchen, Multi-Surface, Glass and Floor Cleaners as well as the popular Anti-Bac Cleaner.

We go through though a staggering amount of single use plastic bottles when it comes to cleaning. One source suggests the average household uses 25 spray bottles per year!

Ocean Saver is tackling this problem by encouraging you to re-use old bottles over and over again with the help of their handy little EcoDrops.

How do they work?


You pop a pod in a clean spray bottle.

Add 750ml of water.

Shake Shake Shake.

Voila - 750ml of ready to use cleaning solution.

Once your pods have fully dissolved you're good to go. You use it in the same was as you would any other spray cleaner. The only difference is you'll have a little smile on your facing knowing you've stopped one more piece of plastic waste. You fabulous thing.

The diluted pods are safe to use around children and pets and so are suitable for use all around the house. As with all cleaning products it's recommend you keep out of reach of children and any undiluted pods should be securely stored.

What makes them so good?

Where do we begin? There are so many reasons that make them a great choice for any household.

Firstly they're free from the nasties such as parabens and palm oil, they're plant based and non-toxic which means no nasty fumes when you're doing the cleaning. As well as this they're also sceptic tank friendly. Yeahhh!

They're award winning, the Anti-Bac pod was given a big thumbs up in 2020 by Good Housekeeping. Well if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me!

EcoDrops are vegan friendly and cruelty free. No animals have been tested on here (although it would be great if you could get your pets to clean up once in a while!!)

Because the pods are a concentrated solution it means they're a great space saving option for your spares. Twelve spares take up the same space as one bottle!

Liquid cleaning products are mostly made from water so by just transporting the concentrate as opposed to full bottles there will be big savings on carbon emissions when it comes to shipping.

Finally the EcoDrops are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. Each pod comes in an easy to recycle cardboard box and includes two plastic-free stickers (with product information) which can be home composted or recycled.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving your old spray bottles and next time you need to stock on cleaning products up why not try some Ocean Saver EcoDrops instead.


Picture credit: Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

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