Essentials for The Perfect Plastic Free Picnic

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National Picnic Week is celebrated in June each year so grab yourself a blanket, a basket and your favourite food and head outside to enjoy the best that Britain has to offer.


Food and Drink

The backbone of a good picnic is of course food and drink. But often it's tempting to grab the convenient, pre-packed food which comes with a lot of plastic waste.

Why not try to have a plastic free picnic by pre-making sandwiches, salads and dips at home.

Fill your reusable boxes, bring out your beeswax wraps and get creative in the kitchen.

Dips such as Hummus and Tzatziki are easy to make at home and go great with chopped carrots and peppers.

Bulk up with yummy pasta, rice or potato salads.

Keep your sandwiches fresh in colourful beeswax wraps available in different sizes.

By using your own refillable drinks bottles and cups you'll avoid single use plastic and unnecessary waste. Thermal cups are great for keeping drinks cool when the mercury starts to climb and colourful straws are perfect for both big and little kids.

Don't forget to grab some bamboo cutlery too which is lightweight and sturdy.


Wipe On Wipe Off

Old me may have taken some disposable wipes for sticky fingers but that's a big NO NO in my world now.

Instead I have some napkins that I wash and reuse. Alternatively pre-soak some reusable wipes and pop them in a water proof container so you've got some damp wipes at the ready.


Pick Up After Yourself

Finally make sure you take home everything that you brought with you and keep our beauty spots beautiful.

If the bins are full or there isn't one then take your rubbish home. Recycle what you can and dispose of the rest responsibly.


But most of all, have fun and enjoy what our beautiful country has to offer.

Happy picnicking!



Picture credit: Beechmore Books on Unsplash

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