Eco Friendly Travel - Is Your Washbag Plastic Free?

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With summer just around the corner and travel bans being lifted everyone's thinking about their next getaway, especially this year as there's a good chance it's been a while.

Wash bags are notorious for being full of single use plastic including the dreaded miniatures which are not only bad value but bad for the environment.

Can you make your wash bag plastic free?

Here are some simple switches to help.

Say Cheese

A bamboo toothbrush is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to the wash bag. It's lightweight, easy to transport and you don't need to worry about charging it up.

But have you thought of toothpaste tablets such as the Denttabs mint flavoured tablets with fluoride? One tablet is enough for a normal clean. Simply chew the tablet, brush and rinse as normal.

On more than one occasion I've had something "explode" in my wash bag such as toothpaste which has covered everything else in a thick minty goo. If only I'd known about Denttabs then to avoid this.

I pack mine in a tin to keep them safe and dry between uses and one of the sliding lid tins can hold two months worth of tablets... If only my holidays were two months long!

Hit The Bar

With literally hundreds of shampoo, conditioner and soap bars available it's really easy to make the switch and eliminate liquids from your wash bag.

This will help speed things up at airport security and will avoid the "exploding" bottle issue I described above.

For those who want to travel extra light you can get an All-In-One bar such as the Friendly Soap Travel bar that not only does your hair and body but will wash your laundry too. Ideal if you run out of smalls!

The lightweight tins are the perfect size for your bars and will keep them safe between uses.

Catch a Wave

Hands up for plastic free deodorant!

I love the Kutis natural deodorants when I go away. They're a handy size which is ideal for the wash bag. A solid stick means there's no risk of leaks and ok for hand luggage. Plus they're completely plastic free.

With several scents to choose from including bi-carb free options you're bound to find one you love.

Little Extras

If you're tight on space or like to travel light then a mini hairbrush or bamboo comb are handy additions to any wash bag.

These are both sustainably sourced and lightweight so you can free up space for other holiday essentials.

Happy Holidays

We all deserve a break after the last couple of years. Hope you manage to get some time out be it here or overseas.


Picture Credit: Marten Bjork via Unsplash

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