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As part of my Realistic Plastic Pledge I realised there were a few things that I could definitely do without.  So here are the first few DITCHES I made from my bathroom.

Face wipes, in fact wipes in general.  DITCH DITCH DITCH. They're just horrible, lazy and wasteful.  I cringe at how many I've used and how a lot of them will no doubt out live me - eek.

Skin tonic.  What exactly does it do anyway?  Ok so I could see some dirt on my cotton wool when using tonic but I'm pretty sure it was removing some of my skins natural oils and defences too.  I stopped using this months ago and have seen zero change to my skin.

Mouth wash.  I didn't use it a lot and I brush and floss regularly so to be honest I'm not missing it.  Ok so there's the odd morning where my mouth is a bit like a hamster cage but a good brush soon sorts that out.

These are just a few bathroom items but as I look around the house I realise there are so many pointless things which came in plastic or are made from plastic.  A lot of these I don't need but thanks to clever marketing I got sucked into handing over my cash.


Photo Credit: Pawel Czerwiski Unsplash

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