6 Great Uses For Citric Acid

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What is Citric Acid?

It's a naturally occurring acid found in citrus fruits such as lemon which has been crystallized hence why it looks like a white powder.

But forget the sciency bit - it's an amazing cleaning product that can be used all around the house and here are a few great ways.


6 Easy Uses for Citric Acid

A lot of the UK has hard water and as such the build-up of limescale can be a big problem. I'm pretty sure my kettle is actually held together by limescale!

So here are 6 easy ways to use Citric Acid around the household and banish the limescale for good.


1) Descaling the kettle

Add one or two tablespoons of citric acid into your kettle and half fill it with cold water.

Boil the kettle once and allow it to cool completely. Most of the limescale will have peeled away but if there's any remaining give it a gentle scrub to get rid of the rest.

Rinse fully with clear water afterwards.

Check out the dazzling effect it had on my tea pot:

Teapot before using citric acid to clean it

Teapot after cleaning with citric acid

2) Cleaning your washing machine and dishwasher

Washing machines are prone to gunking up but citric acid can help keep them clean and running efficiently.

Pop 4-8 tablespoons directly into the drum of your machine and run on a hot wash.

You can do the same with your dishwasher by adding two tablespoons into the detergent holder and running a hot cycle.


3) Surface Cleaner

Citric Acid is a great alternative to vinegar when it comes to cleaning. Make a solution by adding one or two tablespoons of the powder to a litre of cold water then decant into an old spray bottle. Voila - spray and wipe your baths, sinks, kitchens etc as normal and make them sparkle.

It's great for tackling soap scum, limescale and hard water stains in the bathroom and kitchen.


4) Toilet Cleaner

Who has hard water stains in their loo?

For a quick clean pour a couple of tablespoons into the loo and leave it for 30 minutes then brush and flush.

For a deeper clean use half a bag (375g) and leave over night to work it's magic. Don't forget to brush and flush in the morning!


5) Window Cleaner

Not only is it good for surfaces it's great for cleaning windows and shower screens. Use the solution (2 tablespoons with 1 litre of cold water) in a spray bottle to spray surfaces and wipe with a dry cloth.


6) Grout Cleaner

The build-up of mould and mildew in bathrooms, especially grouting is both common and unsightly. But Citric Acid can help tackle this.

Spray some of the citric acid and water solution on the affected area and leave for 10 minutes to do its thing. Then scrub with an old toothbrush and rinse with clear water. Stubborn stains may need a couple of treatments.


DO's and DON'Ts

DO be careful. Whilst it's a natural product it's still a chemical so make sure you use it in a well ventilated space. It can also be an irritant so take care when handling and avoid contact with your eyes.

DO keep the acid in a sealed, dry, container away from children and pets.

DO wear gloves to protect your hands

DON'T use on stone including marble surfaces.

DON'T use on brass.


Well with all this talk of kettles it's definitely time to flick it on and make myself a brew while I think about banishing the limescale!



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