6 Essentials For Plastic Free Washing Up

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Washing up is part of daily life however it often involves a lot of tiny microplastics being washed down the drain - literally.

But what if I said your washing up could be completely plastic free with these easy switches.

Here are my six favourite essentials for plastic free washing up.

1 Coconut Scourer

It's hard to get excited about doing the dishes but I do get excited about this scourer.

It's sooo much better than the horrible green plastic ones and is of course completely plastic free.

Suitable for glass and non-stick pans this handy scourer is great for doing the dishes. But if you ask me one of it's winning features is that it's dishwasher safe - yep that's right - I periodically pop mine in the dishwasher to keep it clean!.

2 Bamboo Cloths

Another favourite of mine are the bamboo cloths.

Again they last ages (I've had three on rotation for a couple of years now) and come in a choice of colours to suit your taste.

They're easy to clean, super absorbent and sustainably sourced. Mine often get thrown in the washing machine and if they get a bit grubby I treat them to a soak in some Oxygen Bleach to bring back their whiteness.

3 Wooden Dish Brush

Every time you use a plastic dish brush it will shed tiny microplastics which go straight into our waterways. As they get older bristles start breaking off and eventually you'll discard it and it will sit in landfill for the rest of your life (and probably a few hundred years beyond that.)

By investing in a sustainably sourced wooden dish brush you're avoiding this issue completely. Why use plastic when you can use sustainably sourced products made from wooded and plant based materials? Safe in the knowledge they will naturally degrade at the end of their life they really are the obvious switch.

4 Naked Sponge

Made here in the UK from wood pulp the naked cellulose sponge is better in every way than the plastic counterpart. (Naked because there's no pointless packaging involved.)

Not only will it last longer, it's more absorbent and is home compostable and the end of it's life. They're great for the dishes but they're also super handy for all your other household cleaning needs.

5 Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are a great way to protect your hands when doing the dishes and other household chores.

By choosing the Eco-Living gloves which are made from natural rubber you're definitely onto a winner. Unfortunately a lot of other gloves on the market are not good for the environment and may well end up in landfill.

Once these gloves reach the end of their life you can chop them up and home compost them as they are 100% plant based and will degrade naturally without leaching any nasties into the environment.

6 Marseille Soap

I love Marseille Soap. So much so that I wrote an entire Marseille Soap Blog recently! It has many uses and one of them is for the washing up.

You can use a wet cloth or dish brush and rub it directly on the soap to do your dishes. Alternatively grate a couple of teaspoons of soap into your washing up bowl and allow it to dissolve in hot water then do your dishes as normal.

Best of the Rest

Why not check out the website for the rest of the washing up range and turn your kitchen sink into a plastic free haven.

Make some switches today and stop pointless plastic going down the drain.

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