5 Easy Uses For Oxygen Bleach

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What is Oxygen Bleach?

Well obviously it's a bleach! The word bleach usually rings warning bells to the eco-conscious but this isn't just any old chemical. It's a natural, safe and non-toxic bleach which goes by the name of Percarbonate of Soda. (I also like to call it the wonder product!)

It's made from sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate which is added to hydrogen peroxide and when combined with hot water breaks down and releases oxygen that works as a powerful stain remover.

Oooo yeah!


5 Easy Uses for Oxygen Bleach

Check out these great uses for Oxygen Bleach which will leave your home sparkling and your whites whiter that a white thing.

1) Pre-Soak Stain Remover

Add two to four tablespoons of the bleach to a bowl and pour in some hot water. Be warned though it can foam up (I learnt this the hard way!). Soak your items for as long as needed then wash as normal.

See the before and after pictures below of my not so white bamboo cloths. They were pretty sad before I soaked them with Natural Bleach.

2) Brighten Whites

Add two to four tablespoons to your washing machine dispenser drawer along with your usual washing powder or even better your fabulous eco-friendly laundry sheets, then wash as normal. This will help brighten whites and eliminate any nasty odours.

3) Unblocking a Sink Drain

Simply pour two to three tablespoons in your blocked sink then pour on boiling water. Leave it for a few minutes to work it's magic and rinse.

4) Toilet Cleaner

Add two tablespoons of bleach to 500ml of hot water. Once it's dissolved pour it down the loo and leave for an hour or over night for heavy stains. Then brush and flush to reveal a sparkling loo!

5) General Cleaner

Add four tablespoons to a litre of hot water to create a cleaning solution (halve the quantities if desired).

This is suitable for cleaning ovens, kitchen and bathroom surfaces and bins.

Do's and Don'ts:

DO make sure you use all the solution you've made. Once added to water it will only last a few hours. (Who wants to spend that long cleaning anyway! Not me!)

DO keep the bleach in a sealed, dry, container away from children and pets.

DON'T keep the bleach and water solution in sealed container, when it reacts with water it foams up and could explode! Kapow!

DON'T use on silk, wool or leather. It's ok for most other fabrics but if in doubt test it first.

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